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Backwater Valve Installation

Sewer backflow is a problem in the City of Calgary we experience very heavy rainfall during the summer months which can cause the municipal sewer system to backup through the sewer drains of homes and property..

The most effective method to prevent the backflow of sewer water is a simple device called a backwater valve. Installation of a backwater valve prevents water from traveling back into your home as it is a one-way valve. It is bylaw now that modern homes are built with backwater valves installed, but the majority of older homes are still at risk of basement flooding via sewer backflow, which can be a very costly and traumatic experience.

Depending on how flood prone your home is you may know already whether or not you require a backwater valve. When required, a backwater valve will be the difference between a flooded basement filled with sewage and a clean and dry basement.

One simple way to tell whether you require a backwater valve is to consider your location to the nearby sewer system that services your home and surrounding properties. Imagine there is a street on a gradual hill, there are three homes on this street and the sanitary sewer drain is located at the top of the hill. If the homes further down the hill are below the top of the sanitary sewer than there is a good chance that the sewer will backflow into those homes.

Under these circumstances a backwater valve will need to be installed to ensure that these basements do not flood. Additionally, there are circumstances where there does not appear to be any specific cause for concern, but when it rains the sewer system backs up and into people’s homes. In these situations installation of a backwater valve will also be helpful.